WondersOnWork aims to use art as an(inter)active and temporarily catalyst to initiate
a process within your company. The aid of artistic interventions will stimulate the
imagination of your employees, while indirectly shaping another view upon his or her current,
daily work activities. In addition to reflection, we strive to strengthen the relations between your employees.
During the process, WondersOnWork fills the role of both employer and employee.
WondersOnWork acts as a mediator that connects the art and its artist,
together with the company and its employees. Which means;
instead of purchasing and displaying art, we attempt to make the company
actively experience any type of art. An artistic intervention at work creates the possibility for
reflection on current views and opens up opportunities to explore alternative situations.

WondersOnWork provides artistic interventions for a creative impulse 
in the daily rhythms of the working floor.