WondersOnWork creates
interactive artistic interventions

WondersOnWork attempts to carefully create custom-made artistic interventions
that can add value to the company and its employees.
It encourages and stimulates employees through art and innovation.
The process will, in the end, be more important than the final product.

This interaction between art and the company can encourage an aesthetic,
humorous and/or critical reflection of its employees.

WondersOnWork takes upon the role as the mediator who connects artists to the company.
Our core is to make the company actively experience art
instead of collecting and displaying artwork, which has an ongoing passive characteristic.

The team of WondersOnWork is formed by Tineke van Veen, Maartje Slijpen and Job Schellekens.
Three experienced and creative entrepreneurs with various expertises
in visual arts, graphic design, music and film.
In collaboration with your company we can create a fitting and challenging program.

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Importance of artistic interventions

An increasing amount of research has shown that active or passive participation with art is good for the welfare of any human. Scientific research mentions that the distinctive way of perceiving art will improve the ability to recognize patterns and communication, conclusively prevents tunnel-vision. Quality of life improves because various parts of the brain are being challenged and will be activated. Man can deal better with its problems, his or her confidence and self-esteem increases and is able to experience more resilience. Participating with art gives meaning to life and reduces its susceptibility to stress and depression, resulting to be more socially engaged within society.


WondersOnWork aims to use art as an(inter)active and temporarily catalyst to initiate a process within your company. The aid of artistic interventions will stimulate the imagination of your employees, while indirectly shaping another view upon his or her current, daily work activities. In addition to reflection, we strive to strengthen the relations between your employees. During the process, WondersOnWork fills the role of both employer and employee. WondersOnWork acts as a mediator that connects the art and its artist, together with the company and its employees. Which means; instead of purchasing and displaying art, we attempt to make the company actively experience any type of art. An artistic intervention at work creates the possibility for reflection on current views and opens up opportunities to explore alternative situations.

WondersOnWork provides artistic interventions for a creative impulse
in the daily rhythms of the working floor.

Our method is to work with a carefully selected program that consists of multiple interruptions that gradually increases its accessibility and that has different ways of experiencing art. It is crucial that WondersOnWork and your company are able to establish a solid communication to evaluate the different components of the program to achieve the maximum added value of the artistic interventions. The effectiveness of interventions can not be ‘measured’ as simple, the results of those processes will be visible on long term. We establish communication with the company’s employees in such way that they are aware of the interruptions and that you can expect commitment of the employees.